Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fume Extractor

Parts List:
(1) Radio Shack Project box
(2) 9 Volt batteries
(2) 9 Volt battery snap connector Radio Shack #270-0325
(1) 7812 +12VDC Voltage Regulator Radio Shack #276-1771
(1) Computer Biscuit Fan
(2) Computer Fan Guards
(1) Push Button Switch
(1) Sheet Charcoal Filter (from Pet Supply) cut down to fit on top of fan

This project was inspired by the Make Weekend Project (Mini Fume Extractor)
The circuit is wired just the same as the "Mini Fume Extractor" Weekend Project.
I just modified the project by taking the "mini" and making it a little larger. I used a bigger enclosure (Radio Shack Project box) instead of a mint tin, a bigger computer biscuit fan, and a push button switch.